What is Yes We Hack ?

The project’s genesis lies in the fact that all the founding members come from the IT security field (near or far), understand its ins and outs and agree about the same shortcomings :

  • Lack of information centralization about jobs and bug bounty programs
  • Lack of visibility for recruiters and security researchers (both ways around)
  • No existing Bug Bounty platform in Europe
  • IT security field structured around networks of people

Each observation above is at the origin of the project : how to get infosec world structured around its basic needs ? One of the most fundamental observation lies in the full exhibition of the IT security field capacities, in an open-to-all and inclusive manner. Because both organizations and individuals express the need of obtaining information properly.

Based on that, YES WE HACK provides an inclusive platform based on interdependance. Three connected platforms for IT security are the foundation of this project :

  • An infosec jobboard : 1st of its kind
  • A bug bounty aggregator : Firebounty’s code is built to automatically crawl the web and search for public programs
  • A homemade bug bounty program : 1st European Bug Bounty platform

How it works : point of views

How it works

Meet our Team

Without sharing, no transparency. Without transparency, no trust.

Based on that assumption, the YES WE HACK team offers its strong experience and the experience of a community gathered around their shared passion: information systems security.

Guillaume Vassault-Houlière
Guillaume Vassault-Houlière
Chairman, CEO

Expert in IS security.
Qwant CSO.
Head of Nuit du hack. President of Hackerzvoice association.

Nicolas Ceccaldi
Nicolas Ceccaldi

Expert in IT/IS development. +10 years experience as an entrepreneur. An active member of the Hackerzvoice association. Nuit du Hack Staff member.

Manuel Dorne aKa Korben
Manuel Dorne aKa Korben

Expert in IT.
Korben.info creator.
French blogger specialized in IT.

Yannick Robert
Yannick Robert

Expert in finance, fundraising and crowdfunding.

Office Manager

Jobboard website Manager, Staff in Hackerzvoice and Nuit du Hack Project Manager.

Jean Lou
Jean Lou
IT Security Engineer

Security Engineer. Qwant security team. Staff in Hackerzvoice and Nuit du Hack.

Bounty Hunter

President of the "Nuit du Hack" Bug Bounty comittee.